Heave Ho

So far all of the tosses have taken place from land. So when my friend Joel invited me to go rowing, I figured it would be a nice opportunity to throw my garbage right into the water while floating upon it. His friends Fung and Cody have built a boat – a “sharpie” oyster boat – and it is a thing of beauty. It was built to take a mast, but as they haven’t finished that part yet they take it on rowing adventures around the city aided by (dictated by, really) the tide. I met them on Governor’s Island in order to do the return trip to Long Island City with the inflowing tide.

Here’s Fung and Cody, the boat builders:

Governor’s Island is great. Since it was opened to the public I’ve found myself here a few times a summer. It’s unique and transporting, and so close that apparently squirrels can swim to it. The weather was perfect. After we ate watermelon, stole some cookies, and played some heated matches of Double Ball (yeah, I had no idea what it was either), the tide was right for us to heave ho up the East River. It’s shocking how fast you can go with the tide. I was trying very hard to keep in time and not destroy the beautiful handmade oars (they made the oars even!) and before I knew it we were taking a break just north of the Manhattan Bridge. The sun was setting and it seemed the perfect – and perhaps only – time for a toss. This one has a Leach’s Storm Petrel in it.

We were actually pretty close to where I pitched the first one. I stood on the bow to throw it and miraculously avoided throwing myself into the drink as well. And speaking of drinks, they flowed as free and forcefully as the tide once we got back to Long Island City…

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