Bottle Found in Connecticut

And that’s about all I know.

Keeping with the theme of really up to date information, I got an email a couple of years ago that a bottle was found on Sheffield Island in Connecticut.


The finder of this bottle had it for a year before contacting me. He didn’t say which drawing he found, and I couldn’t reach him again, but based on geography I imagine it was the Manx Shearwater that I launched from City Island. Either way, it was a year from the time I tossed it in 2011 until 2012 when it was found. A long time to float around in Long Island Sound. I’m happy it held up off the coast of Connecticut, as there are very high concentrations of both gin AND tonic in the water, and that could be caustic to the cork.

Here’s the drawing. I haven’t seen this one in a long time. Ha! He looks totally disappointed! And suspicious. And hurt? Accusatory?


I’m happy to hear it was found but of course a little disappointed not to know more.


But, as I’ve said before, a google image search of “disappointment” will lift anyone’s spirits. It also just occurred to me that this bottle got to Connecticut much quicker than any of my reporting on these developments.

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