First bottle launch

Site of first bottle launch

I’m giving a talk about my work, and then launching the first New York Pelagic bottle at Smack Mellon, in Dumbo, on Saturday May 21st, at 3 pm. Here’s your chance to get answers to all your burning questions about the artwork of George B Boorujy.
Such as!:
“What’s with him and all these animals anyway? Do they ALL have problems?”
“Where are those buildings? Cuba or something?”
“How many trees did you kill to use such big pieces of paper? You call yourself an environmentalist?!” (throws rotten, yet locally sourced and heirloom, tomato)

Yes indeed, no question too dumb, too difficult, too burning. I’ll be freshly showered, nicely dressed, and ready to push buttons and engage in questions about art. And some science.

And then we can all watch me littler. And hopefully not get fined.

Where: Smack Mellon, 92 Plymouth St, Dumbo, Brooklyn.
When: Saturday, May 21st, 3:00 pm
Why: So that I’m not talking to an empty room. And my parents might be there! See who I look like more and from whence my shortness comes!

This talk is part of the NYFA (New York Foundation for the Arts) Artists & Audiences Exchange.

1 Response to “First bottle launch”

  1. 1 daniel May 27, 2011 at 11:38 AM

    it’s the “isle of staten”, not “staten island”. get yer facts straight.

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